Saturday, February 26, 2011

Once Upon A Time

Carrie's co-worker and friend from Emerald City Orchid's gave her tickets to the Northwest Flower and Garden Show and she invited me!! I have always wanted to go...Thank you Carrie !!! You made my day!!!

How fun is this?

one of my favorites~ Small World Gardens

dendrovium orchid

spider orchid~ Emerald City Orchids

Carrie and a live it

Seattle Convention Center....Let the Sunshine In!!

Casey Bridges ~Sculpture

Ravenna Gardens

cutest little flower vases

water fountains made from musical instruments

all the free goodies!!

I was really inspired by all the beauty!! Looking so forward to Spring now!!
For more info visit

Friday, February 25, 2011

Colorful Friday Black and White

Happy Friday everyone! Robyn is hosting Black and White today...pop on over to her blog to check it is always fun to see what everyone comes up with and to travel to Australia for a visit!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

3 easy pieces

I am so happy to say that I finished piecing 3 quilts while I was away on quilt retreat with my HenParty girls on Lopez....we had 3 beautiful sunny days!!

49 blocks all together in Table Scraps

all  9 blocks put together with 4" sashes  for Jelly Rose

added 3 more rows to complete this cuddle quilt inspired by Denyse Schmidt and made with Innocent Crush by Anna Marie Horner
Now I am really looking forward to finding some machine quilting time....hope you all had a great weekend as well!!  ~Pam

Friday, February 18, 2011


It is that time of year again...yeah!!! I am going on a quilt retreat to Lopez Island  this weekend phones, no computers....just me, my sewing and the "Hen Party" girls!!This is a yearly event but I can't remember how many...more than 10??? Barb is not able to make it this year and that's a first...we will miss you Barb!
I am busy gathering and preparing all my WIP's  with high hopes of finishing all of them....this is major sewing time I am talking about....morning to night...non stop sewing till you can't sew any more and then get up and do it again!!! I love it....look forward to this every year and this year I have the new Janome to top it all off!!

inspired by a Denyse Schmidt "not so charcoal " quilt....made with innocent crush...hope to finish this all up

Le Jardin hand applique for the travel time

anther zigzag for me and a zigzag for Alivia's grad quilt

I have been working on Table Scraps by Quilt Soup for several years ...all some 49 blocks ready to all be put all this crazy color!1

close up from Table Scraps....quarter circle block...

and my sweet jellyrose by Fig Tree that I never would have finished without my sisters help...all 9 blocks are ready to come together....
I have very high hopes for all these projects...I know it a little out of control....I think I will definitely be coming home with a few quilts ready for the Longarm.....hope everyone enjoys their long weekend....Pam

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The MS raffle quilt is ready to roll...

Ready to roll in the $$$$$ for MS that is!! So if you would like to support the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and have a chance to win this ZigZag quilt there are two ways you will be able to do that....Easiest way is to get your tickets at the MS walk 4-3-2011 right at the Husky Stadium in Seattle....we are one of the largest teams" Beszhak's Buddies" and have a booth at the stadium....I will be there early before the walk with the tickets  ....The winner is announced at our booth after the walk....
But if you are not able to be at the walk tickets are available through me.... email  me at
Find more info on the making of this quilt here
 and here  //
presenting the 6th annual MS Quilt


and from the back

tickets are ready to go
Feels so good to be ready!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Welcome Janome 6600 !!

I was so close to being finished with the MS raffle quilt ....just had to join the ends of my binding and finish the handsewing....when my bobbin thread decided it was time to mess with me so I took my almost 10 year old Elna  for a repair and  long overdue service to Northwest Vacumn and Sewing....then I decided to just have a peek at the Janome 6600 [which is the sewing machine that both of my sisters have and LOVE] so instead of  spending money on my old machine  I was easily persuaded with a very good deal... it is definitely a good time to buy....  I am now the happy new owner of this the thread cutter,1/4 inch acufeed seam foot, large arm, decorative and monogram of all I have the sister's Janome hot line whenever I have a question!!

fresh out of the box

isn't she lovely

and of course my new baby had to have a new carry case to protect her
Now I need to get back on track with customers quilts to help pay for this new goodness and finish up the MS quilt...details on the raffle and a photo of the finished ZigZag coming right up!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

zig zag update

I started this last week...... //    
and  finished piecing the MS quilt it loaded on my longarm and started machine quilting ....

love this combo so much that I have another cut for me...

used the yummy scraps to piece the back

first pass on the longarm complete

a view from underneath...
 hope to finish this up for more info if you would like to help support the National MS Society and have a chance to win this beauty....

Friday, February 11, 2011

Colorful Friday Valentines

this is a late addition to my colorful post...special delivery from pink chalk

I joined a " solids of the month club"       This fun day is every two weeks now....that gives everyone a bit more time to think about the photos... I am always surprised to see how many things you can come up with....and   reminded of just how much beauty is around us....I love colorful friday's....I encourage everyone to give it a try is sooo much fun.This week is guaranteed to be full of love and beauty...check out Daisy Quilts...Robyn is the organizer of this super fun deal....


Pam and Nick......together 25 years......

a favorite geranium flower pot

Wednesday is BFF night at the local pub

Blackbird Designs Welcome Home

love my paper hearts

found this sweet hankie at the thrift store recently

my sweet girls

stained glass art from my Sherry

new happy

with love from Kathi

these little cakes have been a Valentine favorite for many years

teeny tiny heart from my niece Sheryl

heart jug

fun with words

another special gift from my Sherry

special journal Kelly Rae Roberts stuff

another journal...I keep special quotes in this one

another special find... clusters of french knots...amazing

fave t-shirt

I heart sew days with Kay

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