Saturday, December 31, 2016

the many quilts of 2016

goodbye 2016, a big thank you to everyone that supported me and my business in 2016
happy new year xo pam

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

a new tree skirt just in time

a last minute tree skirt just happened...i pulled all my favorites from my stash

i used my 15 degree ruler from creative grid cutting 24 wedges to = 360 degrees ~ and although it was a super easy project i really appreciated this free pattern from fabricrelish on craftsy to finish it up...  i found her directions very helpful and as a bonus i am now signed up for craftsy xo

i love how my final fabric choices are mostly low volume

even the binding...

and i love my new tree skirt...that i have been wanting to make for several years now
                                                                     happy holidays xo pam

Monday, December 5, 2016


making these sweet needle minders this year as little gifts...all you need is a covered button kit along w some mini STRONG magnets...super easy super cute xo

and hotpad/mugmats are my favorite go to handmade and i used all my little scrap binding triangles for the bottom piece

and i am so happy with my very first tunic...made with the esme pattern from lotta jansdotter's everyday style book...i used a very inexpensive shirting from joanns for this one but i will be making more now that i know it is a perfect fit and i LOVE it

also worth mentioning...these kelmscott embroidery scissors... i am in love and bought several for gifts from snugglymonkey

and for that special someone at an elephant gift exchange...i did a simple stamp and stitch with a vintage hankie

also got an early christmas present at costco this week...this is a metal / wood workshop table that is so nice we have it in our living room with our tv on top and just a few quilts snuggled in xoxo
                        tis the very busy season...trying to stay caught up and be in the moment
                                                                 happy holiday xo pam

Friday, November 18, 2016


i have a finished #quiltingmayhemsummersampler 

i took it to one of my favorite places in the woods  and nick helped me w these photos

i decided to make it bigger and then i struggled w my layout and i am sort of happy w the end result but mostly i just loved making a solid colors every week during the summer [thank you quilting]

 i am in love with my solid scrappy binding

and i even  used my bias binding triangle scraps to make this little something ~ i hope to quilt them both this weekend

  keeping busy machine quilting for others, loving my job and being thankful for all that i have in  these crazy times.
 head over to my flickr if you would like to see recent customer quilts with lots of great all over  quilting ideas.

                                                  happy friday xoxo pam

Sunday, October 23, 2016

love my job

                         here's what has been happening in my neck of the woods [thanks al roker]

zoom zoom says it all ~ i have been busy catching up in my sewing room ~ this is a #quilts4mainst ~ one of many quilts pieced and quilted by many ~ organized by julie from keepsake cottage  for the seventeen local bothell businesses lost in a fire recently

teri helped tori make this sweet quilt for her first baby ~ machine quilted w waterworld xo

julie's chloe's closet panel quilt is so cute ~ machine quilted w the very perfect sewing panto ~ this panel is available at keepsake

julie's thimble blossom's stars and stripes pattern is machine quilted w packerwave and also available @ keepsake

nancy's bargello is machine quilted w heartstrings

and fran made this graduation quilt for her grandaughter ~ i love how it is joined w pieced blocks of hst's and hearts ~ machine quilted w loop the loop

 diane finished up a bom from pacific fabric ~ machine quilted w popcorn

janie's orange and black halloween is done w tortoise
kay's quilt is finished up w belly bop

 kay's seahawks quilt done w loop the loop

mary's sweet baby boy quilt done w a simple meander

and kay's fatquartershop mystery quilt is done w waterworld

also available at keepsake soon ~  julie's sweet maywood panel is machine quilted w a new design called chain maille
so many quilts...never enough time to post about all of them but  i do keep my  keeping it simple flickr  up to date and there you will  find hundreds of awesome quilts xo  

                                                                    happy sunday      xo pam

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

all over the map

i did a first time secret swap with the seattlemqg ...i made my secret partner jackie a bracelet from lotta's every day style book...a key ring and a pixie basket from fabric mutt

and my very creative secret partner kristen made me this !  i love everything about it xo

i signed up for this

and i have made a bit of progress

my spider web quilt has resurfaced ... i hope to have another sewday with it soon...awesome tutorial from quiltville here
and i am struggling away with the block placement for my quilting mayhem summer sampler ~ it would have been much easier if i would have followed their instructions but it is too late for that xoxo
and i have been very busy with customer quilts...i finished up diane's quilt with gossamer from digitech  

            not much of a blogger lately but u can also find me on instagram where i post more often
                                                                  happy tuesday xo pam

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

another year...another log cabin retreat

nine of us this year at the log cabin retreat in monroe 

i take a crazy car full

  approximately thirty- six hours  of sewing were had
 i began another heart and home quilt with a crazymomquilts jelly roll  ~ i am loving it with the bright colorway

i finished up this urban garden quilted wall hanging  pattern by paisley bunny designs done w a half moon modern moda charm pack ~ started a few years back

i put a small dent in my fancy forest quilt...francis the firefly is a fussy girl and nbd i need seven more...same for allie the owl and the thistle block...and i still need to make the  hedgehogs and bunnies ~ this one is for milo and it is going to take awhile !!
and then i spent some time with this simple nine patch of liberty and kona bone ~  four rows down five more to go [ i shared a fat eights bundle [ so yes i only have fat sixteenths] for a year w my friend kay from duckadilly]  this will be a very special queen size quilt for ME
i also got  a  small start on another spider web project ...i made a table topper [ the one on top] a few years back inspired by crazymomquilts and the tutorial she shared from quiltville  i have always wanted to do a larger version
and then there was this...i came home to a glidden siesta keyblue LOVE living room wall freshly painted by nick
               now i am tired...amazing how much crazy sewing you can do in one long weekend xoxox
                                                       happy tuesday xo pam

Thursday, September 22, 2016

improv love and milo love

when this quilt outgrew my design wall i knew it was time to piece all the wonderful rows together and be done

i loved everything about  making this improv quilt

i am making this quilt for my son and his wife....almost all of the fabrics [corduroy, vintage , linen blends etc] were upcycled from value village and approved by lani xp

inspiration came mostly from  sherrri lynn woods and seaslabbom w seattlemqg ~ more of my posts are  here, here and and here
the spine block row second from the right was so inspired by this instagarm post from satterwhitequilts

working with the  corduroy and other unidentified fabrics was interesting... the colors in this quilt are so rich

i have my fingers crossed and hope for the best after it is quilted ...cuz it is a bit wonky sad looking now that it is all together
in other news and much more important...milo is almost sixteen months and recently started walking...he also had a ten day stay with us while his parents had a well deserved was a very special time for this gramma xoxo
                                                                happy thursday xo pam
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