Thursday, September 22, 2016

improv love and milo love

when this quilt outgrew my design wall i knew it was time to piece all the wonderful rows together and be done

i loved everything about  making this improv quilt

i am making this quilt for my son and his wife....almost all of the fabrics [corduroy, vintage , linen blends etc] were upcycled from value village and approved by lani xp

inspiration came mostly from  sherrri lynn woods and seaslabbom w seattlemqg ~ more of my posts are  here, here and and here
the spine block row second from the right was so inspired by this instagarm post from satterwhitequilts

working with the  corduroy and other unidentified fabrics was interesting... the colors in this quilt are so rich

i have my fingers crossed and hope for the best after it is quilted ...cuz it is a bit wonky sad looking now that it is all together
in other news and much more important...milo is almost sixteen months and recently started walking...he also had a ten day stay with us while his parents had a well deserved was a very special time for this gramma xoxo
                                                                happy thursday xo pam

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