Monday, December 5, 2016


making these sweet needle minders this year as little gifts...all you need is a covered button kit along w some mini STRONG magnets...super easy super cute xo

and hotpad/mugmats are my favorite go to handmade and i used all my little scrap binding triangles for the bottom piece

and i am so happy with my very first tunic...made with the esme pattern from lotta jansdotter's everyday style book...i used a very inexpensive shirting from joanns for this one but i will be making more now that i know it is a perfect fit and i LOVE it

also worth mentioning...these kelmscott embroidery scissors... i am in love and bought several for gifts from snugglymonkey

and for that special someone at an elephant gift exchange...i did a simple stamp and stitch with a vintage hankie

also got an early christmas present at costco this week...this is a metal / wood workshop table that is so nice we have it in our living room with our tv on top and just a few quilts snuggled in xoxo
                        tis the very busy season...trying to stay caught up and be in the moment
                                                                 happy holiday xo pam

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