Tuesday, October 18, 2016

all over the map

i did a first time secret swap with the seattlemqg ...i made my secret partner jackie a bracelet from lotta's every day style book...a key ring and a pixie basket from fabric mutt

and my very creative secret partner kristen made me this !  i love everything about it xo

i signed up for this

and i have made a bit of progress

my spider web quilt has resurfaced ... i hope to have another sewday with it soon...awesome tutorial from quiltville here
and i am struggling away with the block placement for my quilting mayhem summer sampler ~ it would have been much easier if i would have followed their instructions but it is too late for that xoxo
and i have been very busy with customer quilts...i finished up diane's quilt with gossamer from digitech  

            not much of a blogger lately but u can also find me on instagram where i post more often
                                                                  happy tuesday xo pam

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