Wednesday, February 8, 2017

it is a new year 2017

the new year has zoomed in...and machine quilting for my business is always the  main focus but  i am easily distracted to MAKE by everyone and everything !

this happened with the leftovers from my wedge tree skirt that i made at christmas...i love it and hope to finish up something great b4 next xmas

and i got another heart quilt pieced for dawson place ~ snohomishmqg

i love this heart variation ~ the lay out and block variation was inspired by crimsontate and the heart block tutorial is from cluckclucksew

and i happily made  this 8 1/2" block with the teeny tiny triangles left from the heart quilt ~ i have a plan for  this idea  to grow BIG

and  this was also an instagram inspiration from @laurie i love this topsy turvy layout and such a good use of novelty scraps

hopping on this a year late but this #quilty365 got started because it is such an easy carry along applique project  and i was totally inspired by the red on  @maryse's instagram xo
and my experimenting led to a smaller size and hopes for a big fun red quilt

and my lolipop trees is moving along slowly ~ recently finished block seven

i started this pattern by kim mclean march 25  2014

and i just  got started on block eight of sixteen this rate it might be done in 2020

most exciting of all ~ i am going to #quiltcon2017 in savannah, ga. in fourteen sleeps!! this a sneak peek of  a very special finish for my quiltcon friend xo  i am soooo directionally challenged with bag making i could NEVER have made this without the pattern  kidgiddy badgeholders  xo

  this special guy will be two in may ~ love when he comes to visit xoxo

                                    cheers to many finishes in 2017 ~ happy wednesday xo pam


  1. Your blog is great and your work, beautiful! You should return to Blogland!


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