Tuesday, February 7, 2012

is it friday yet??

i am on  OVERLOAD this week getting ready for a weekend quilting  retreat .... i love to take as many unfinished lovlies as possible and a few new ones....this year we are going to langley's quilting by the sea .
 there will be lots of SEWING!!! more than 24 hours of sewing time.....i can hardly wait...i have been going on retreat with the same girls for over 10 years...there is no agenda ...it is wonderful to spend all this time MOSTLY sewing , eating , talking, sleeping and sewing some more.....i get sooo much done.

hoping to start a xmas quilt that i didn't get to in 2011

going to finish this one up....i hope

excited about this one...it has been waiting and waiting.....

going to finish this up...looking forward to quilting this one ....i have a great IDEA xo

and looky looky i got the LAST block ready to go last night....yawn , i stayed up tooo late
just have 2 more rows to finish up the 7th annual ms quilt....should have raffle tickets and more info next week...xoxo

and i want to play some more w jenny's 9 patch tutorial w her quick curve ruler

WOW....i am feeling a little over ambitious but yet somehow optimistic xoxoxox pam


  1. HaHa..looks like someone is having a hard time deciding what to take on retreat...ME TOO!!!! I have quite a nice little stack of projects too :-). Can't wait..3 more wake-ups.Yippee!

    1. ha ha kay...i am taking them all !! xo

  2. Gosh, this sounds like sooo much FUN! Please keep us posted.
    So, far I love each project you're thinking of taking. Love that 9 patch curve....really cool!
    xx susie

  3. you have some luscious piles of fabrics going on here! good luck!

    1. This is the only way to comment Pam?? Anyway, have fun! I'm jealous!!

  4. A quilting retreat sounds lovely!!! What fun :o)


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