Friday, December 27, 2013

christmas handmades xo

i LOVE making things for others and i especially LOVE receiving them...this year i got some very special handmades xo

my #3 son sam made handmade cards this year and i love special that he made time to do this ...this one is ours xo

sara's...she has a new puppy named richard  this year xo

ani and isaac's xo

and for lily who is living in mexico xo i will be hand delivering this one next friday !
and sara my #1 made this ~ she was inspired at the ben franklin craft store xo

i love the detail and i LOVE that she made this for ME

and nick made me a FAIRY DOOR ~[ i have been in love w fairy doors for awhile...more here ] with recycled materials including  the cherry tree roof  from a tree we had to remove recently...

complete w a pooping fairy and stonework...xo i feel very loved
i had a great christmas with family and friends but today i woke up with mexico on my mind...we will be on a plane this time next friday...looking forward to spending two weeks with our #4 lily in puerto vallarta xoxox
 in the meanwhile i have a house to undecorate , a few craft ideas and a sewing room to tidy up for the new year xo
i am feeling footloose and fancy free because i am taking the month of JANUARY completely OFF from my keepingitsimple quilting business !! oh what a FEELING ....

happy friday pam

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