Sunday, December 1, 2013

catventquiltalong and one last quilt for susan

a very spontaneous and fun 630 am decision to join Oh,Fransson for a catventquiltalong ~ thank you to elizabeth for organizing this fun december project xo and i am  joining in on my first  hashtag [instagram is new to me]  #catventquiltalong

i had this happy little scrap bundle just waiting for a fun project xo perfect for my daughter lily who LOVES cats and is  living in mexico with 2 adopted cats named  orange and mj [even put a mexican pinata in orange's]
and since i will b away i did an xmas kitty too...

 i also got a last minute quilt done for my sister xo

i am flying out to phoenix to have a visit with both sisters in the morning ~  this quilt will be tucked away in my carry on xo [machine quilted w bushberries by lorien]
       i will be back in a few days ready to go again....i think i have about 12 customer quilts to finish before christmas....and i hope to find a bit of christmas craft and catvent time  too....happy sunday xo pam

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