Tuesday, December 17, 2013

tis the week before christmas

#catventquiltalong is still going strong...i LOVE making a sweet little scrap cat every day...xo

day 14 ~ merry marty

day 15~  hypnotic helen

finished up my 3rd marimekko whole cloth queen yesterday ! triple yay! it was a very good challenge for me ~ i was a bit overwhelmed on this one cuz custom quilting can stress me out a bit ~ then when i am done it feels GREAT and i am so happy that i push myself through it  ~ thank you EVA for all your faith, encouragement  and friendship xoxo !!

day 16 ...meet miss monica xo
it has been a week of mostly customer sewing but the end is in sight...i have 3 customer quilts to go before i take  five week break from my work...i will still be sewing A LOT but my hope is to finish a few projects of my own...and i will be spending 2 weeks of that in mexico with nick ....visiting miss lily xo
meanwhile i am enjoying the moments...the adventcats have been a great stress buster for me...we r all decorated...shopping is pretty much done...we went to isaac and ani's christmas party and experienced our first smudging ~ it was so nice to be invited and see their shared home at christmas...tonight i will have a visit with my quilt group...tomorrow is hump night with white elephant and  best girlfriends ...and on thursday there will be some wine ~ with the special girls who show up twice a week rain or shine and climb stairs  for an hour  with me... xo
life is good and i know it ~ happy tuesday xo pam

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