Saturday, December 21, 2013


i am always looking for fast , fun and easy

so i loaded this sweet sew stitchy panel and machine quilted it with a half a crosshatch panto from digitech


i stay stiched around each little block and i used my special, handy dandy wave blade

i think i will use some as coasters ...

and i am still playing around with a  bunting idea for a special new baby arriving in february xo

and then i decided to make more of these...

cuz i love them and they make great gifts

they look so good xo

can't stop taking pictures ~ i love the little bows xo

catvent is still going strong ~ day 20 with miss eli   *notice the craft tape up top ?

i like it a lot

day 21 ~ meet miss violet xo
one more customer quilt to go....happy saturday ~ pam


  1. Lots of fun stuff here, but the handy dandy wavy blade, I need one of those too, thank you for sharing it.

  2. You always do such fun little fun stuff!

  3. I have that panel! Thanks for the inspiration ; )


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