Monday, January 17, 2011

Today's Goodness

Started out my day with  Let the Good Times Roll by the Cars on my was almost like hearing it for the first time loving it way more than I realized!!
Spent some time with my longarm friend Jenny   .... we went to Country Village stopping in at   Keepsake Cottage quilt shop and the White House Antique shop..we both managed to find a few sharing time with Jenny talking about our most recent inspirations, we started our blogs around the same time and have a lot of the same favorites......

found this mirror for my guestroom...I still have to mount it ... I love that it has shelf space

halloween Riley Blake  and on sale!!

Christmas Riley Blake also on sale!

love this zinnia fabric designed by Paula Prass for Michael Miller

another by Michael Miller   not sure of the name but I love these dandelion wishes in this soft grey....
Pretty good treasures for a Monday and a girl who said she wasn't going to shop in January!!!
The blog world has really got me going ....every week brings something new and exciting....this week I am grooving on In Color Order's blog...she has me falling in love with  vintage sheets and then there is Dottie Angel's blog...she has me completely charmed by her garlands and wall art.....I have some great ideas brewing thanks to these girls~ they are both  favorites in my side bar....hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday! Pam


  1. The mirror looks great and the reflection is wonderful!


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