Wednesday, December 31, 2014

TADA ~ my yearly slideshow and wishing everyone a very happy new year

 thank you to all my quilting girls
 you, along with the HUGE world wide interweb
 inspire me every day
 and are the reason i am celebrating nine years of  loving my job !

i have been so busy with my family and home the last few weeks... but my year end inventory is done and the house is undecorated...i am looking forward to things winding down and having some everyday sewing time.

every year i say i am going to figure out how to make it simpler and more in the moment.
i have a few good ideas for 2015... mostly i need to forget "simple" cuz it never is and concentrate on that moment thing ~ cheers to that !

news flash... christmas 2015 we will have a seven month old baby boy in our family photo ~  looking forward to being a first time gramma and making a few baby quilts xoxo

 sooo very thankful for all my family, friends and quilting customers

 wishing you all a very very happy new  year !

 xo pam

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