Sunday, June 16, 2013

catching up ....

been busy busy in the sewing room catching up....i post pictures of all my customer quilts here

finished this up for becky a. this week ....w ruffle flower by aimee simmon - splendid stitches

the flower pattern finished this quilt up beautifully xo

and becky chose holly's hearts by patricia ritter for this batik heart quilt...

it was a perfect choice...

and gerry's quilt is up next...i am brewing some ideas for this fun xmas. quilt...gerry turned 90 a few years ago...i love that she is still quilting a lot...she goes to eva's lwc quilting class every quarter...all her friend's made this quilt for her when she celebrated her 90th xoxo i am so inspired by her and hope i am happily quilting at 90 too !!
i am on inspiration overload right now as well ...i have a few projects that i am so excited to start...i have been very patient....
eeeeee....i have been saving this for so is probably my MOST favorite fabric EVER and i know what i want to do with it now !!

so stinkin cute
i can't wait !! involves some beautiful natural essex quilters linen from pink castle xoxo
and another eeeeee...... this package came in the mail yesterday....i am sharing 1/2 yard cuts w kay....ready whenever u r kay!!

this is one beautiful pile of quilter's linen by anna maria that i can't wait to cut into ...kay and i are both making the mother goose quilt....

and we are going camping mid week ... life is good!!
been getting organized for a  camping trip to lake easton xoxoxo

AND HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to my wonderful, loving, supportive husband who is the best dad ever and all the other wonderful dad's out there !!  xoxo pam

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