Friday, May 27, 2011

Celebrating Gerry's 90th Birthday

Eva [who teaches quilting at Lake Washington College] organized a very special surprise heart quilt for Gerry's 90th Birthday and along with Gerry's daughter a birthday party was planned.
I volunteered to machine quilt this very special gift....over 90 hearts were made by friends and was wonderful to be a part of all this LOVE !
The heart quilt was hanging in the entrance when Gerry arrived and she was so surprised by the quilt and how many people came to celebrate...she is so very sweet and loved by many !!
Gerry was a Home Ec teacher...she made a lot of clothes and home dec but did not start quilting until 1985....she displayed several of her quilts at her party.....and served a delicious lunch of petit sandwiches, fresh fruit and yummy desserts...

Gerry surrounded by LOVE

a very special label was made

totally connected by quilting

there were so many heart blocks made...well over the 90 desired that another quilt was made!!  Gerry face blends into this sea of hearts...

Gerry's 90th BD quilt
A close up of the quilting...

Gerry had some of her beautiful work on display....hundreds of french knots for the falling snow...

my very favorite....Gerry reproduced this quilt from one her Gramma had made 100 years ago...anyone know the pattern name??? or is it possibly her Gramma's own design??

so very pretty

I think Gerry loves flowers...

love the movement in this quilt

hand quilted...oolala

love the color and the radiance

another beauty

love the contrast of the black...
this one is teeny tiny

these were as delicious as they look....

little petit sandwiches

fresh friut

ooey gooey chocolate...

love the memories in this quilt....HAPPY BIRTHDAY GERRY !!! Seems to me a that all this quilting has made for one very sweet , happy lady.....I hope to celebrate my 90th just the same!! Hope you all have a wonderful May Long... ~ Pam ~


  1. You have to admire her and her history with quilting! You did a great job on her heart quilt!

  2. This is very sweet! What a wonderful keepsake for her! Julie


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