Sunday, May 15, 2011

Home again Home Again Jiggity Jig!!

Just got home from quilt market in Salt Lake after a 13 hour drive with my good friend Jenny  first time ever.....we had a crazy good time.....

Jenny and I drove straight thru from Seattle to  Salt Lake on Wednesday

looking thru  the windows as they set up market

Jenny and I with Sandy Klop of American Jane

Out for dinner at Cafe Rio with Jenny and her Mom Sherril and sister Helen ...we were so lucky to stay at Sherril's beautiful home in Salt Lake

One of our favorites....think she will be famous one day....Zen Chic

star struck with Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree Quilts

OMG Anna Marie Horner with Jenny's Innocent Crush quilt

the amazing Amy Butler with Jenny , Helen and I

we met up here for the quilt market bloggers meet up....totally overwheming and fun

6 am sunrise this morning as we left Salt lake for Seattle....
 The whole experience was amazing....we took a whole lot of creative wonderful in.....thank you to every one we met  and Jenny's family for their wonderful hospitality!!!!!
Check out all the bloggers that met up on Saturday at the Blue Lemon and be sure to join in on Amy's Blogger Festival that is going on till Thursday...hmmmmhmm....still thinking about what I would like to enter on that.....   Thanks to all the girls that organized this meet was pretty cool to see all this creativeness in one room at the same time....I am still trying to digest all the connections that I made!!! Happy Sunday to all.....Pam


  1. Wow! Crazy fun! Great pictures with the "stars".

  2. Great pictures Pam! It was so fun and I'm glad we did it. I stole a couple of pictures for my blog post! Thanks!

  3. Pam - it was so much fun to meet you. And you and Jenny were lifesavers! I'm so glad you girls had fun. Thanks again for coming! Keep in touch!

  4. Looking for your innocent crush quilt but see you live in Seattle? Off to keep looking, I love it!


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