Tuesday, May 3, 2011

pretty much perfect

this is the absolute magic sauce ....it really does make a difference

I could tell every thing was going to be ok as soon as I loaded it...the extra fabric eased in even before I used the starch....then the starch did it's magic and all was well...

I decided to use a new panto called Jacobs Ladder by Dave Hudson

no regrets...I LOVE IT .....I will get the binding on in the morning.

and a pretty much perfect end to the day as well...the postman delivered my purple and grey solids of the month from PINK CHALK....


  1. You've been posting like mad! I love it! And that color wheel looks amazing! Perfect pattern. I really need to order some new one's. That one for sure!

  2. I so agree about the Best Press! It is fabulous and smells good too :) Your color wheel is fantastic!

  3. I love your Color Wheel!
    Best Pressed is a fave of mine too.

    What a great solids color combination you received. Curious to see what you do with them.

  4. I LOVE the quilting you are doing on this one!


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