Friday, May 6, 2011

Lickity Split

I made good progress today....2 quilts pieced and ready to load on the weekend....I am prewashing the flannel right now....

I just love taking a photo of a finished quilt all messed up.....

criss  cross apple sauce......I just made that up right now but I think it might be the perfect name for Elizabeth's quilt

this is one of my favorite blocks

gotta love all this pink....

can u see Miss Lily peeking out from the top??

Looking forward to some machine quilting this weekend.....Happy Friday to all!!!   ~Pam ~


  1. Awesome Pam!!! I live all my hope to be piecing through you!

  2. Those turned out great Pam!!!! Can't wait to see them quilted. Checkout Pam Kitty Mornings blog to follow other bloggers going to Quilt Market. She even has a "button" you can grab!


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