Sunday, August 18, 2013

my favorite history book ever ~ dr. esther clayson pohl lovejoy

i just read a book from the library about one of oregon's earliest woman physicians ...i was in awe of esther from start to finish...her life accomplishments are amazing...a true pioneer of GIRL POWER...she spent her long life making a difference on so many important levels...
the following is quoted from the book.
her life intersected with some of the most important currents of the twentieth century: feminism, the rise of companionate marriage, universal suffrage, governmental reform, migration, labor rights, public health, the professionalization of medical and social work, anti-militarism and global citizenship. the book explores lovejoy's farsighted approaches to politics, health and society as well as her civic and medical activism [early doctors without borders].
i love her term "constructive resistance," ~  the ability to take effective action against unjust power.
her freedom to build her life also came in part because she had liberated herself from her father...her work stemmed from her own ambition to her 1912 "argument for woman suffrage" she  noted that " it falls largely upon the high spirited girl who has the luck or ill luck to resemble a {dominant} father."
she vowed to build a career with work that she loved and work that had meaning.
and i love this ~ as she prepared for her autobiography she said " there are parts of my story -  glowing memories that are forever mine alone.  these can not be spread on paper without losing their beauty."

                      more info on dr. pohl lovejoy's 1869-1967 biography by kimberly jensen

                     I LOVE THIS WOMAN!  next i want to read a book that was written by her  in 1957 ~ women doctors of the world   ~  happy sunday  xo pam

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  1. Oh wow. You make me really want to read this - sounds so very interesting. She sounds amazing!


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