Friday, August 9, 2013

change of plans

got the crud...stayed home boo hoo ~  no sew day w kay xo

organized and tidied my stash

makes me happy makes and makes me feel out of control too

feels so good to make it pretty

so much fabric...never enough time...

i even have a rainbow pile xo
and while i was organizing i kept the small pieces out and sorted them into color... more improv blocks coming soon
i have a total of 12 blocks now and i am confused....should i combine them ?

make a mostly black quilt?

and a rainbow one?
think i will make more improv blocks while i am deciding... xo pam


  1. I really like the black & white ones. You can make several quilts, right? Feel better soon!

  2. Yes, definitely to the black and white one and also yes, definitely to the rainbow one!!!


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