Wednesday, August 14, 2013

professional quilt juggler ?

or am i just  crazy in love with quilting ?? i know that i love it when  i get a new quilt idea ...and once i have a quilt  started and all the requirements are organized it is easy to step away from it ... and prioritize  ... isaac and ani's star quilt is on the top of that list...i have had  some good ideas on this quilt but keep procrastinating cuz i am  not completely sure...

and since i have been wiped out w a cold for almost a week , i have actually had more sewing time... staying busy kept me from being completely miserable ...but i didn't have my usual  customer stamina  ~ so in between i was  taking sit down breaks at my regular sewing machine...

 i started this star quilt for isaac and ani awhile back more here
and i am really wanting to proceed and finish this quilt for them i spent some time WONDERING

HOW to add these improv blocks to the  stars???  my main  problem is layout ???

i am making more improv blocks and coming up with a final plan soon xo
meanwhile i am making slow progress on customer quilts....finished machine quilting sherri's quilt w dizzy izzy baby

and i started on her batik/ kaffe w rhapsody xo

                              happy wednesday  xo pam

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