Tuesday, August 27, 2013

show and tell tuesday ~ macaroni love story quilt xo

i ordered this SPECIAL heather ross fabric in october 2010 from spoonflower [ some of her out of print designs are still available through them ]

i have been holding on tight to  this sweet sweet fabric  for almost three years ...i just knew i  wanted to make a special something for ME cuz i love everything  heather ross

 many ideas  later  i have decided  to keep it simple...plus i only have two yards...but it is so easy to make this  fabric go a long way and   to do all the work xo

I LOVE IMPROV and it loves me!   i am using the  macaroni love story prints with 6 yards of marcus brothers oasis organic taupe cotton xo 

i have 3 easy rules 1. have fun 2. enjoy this special fabric 3. square up each block to 12 1/2 "

 this is my favorite block so far and  the beginning of my LOVE STORY quilt...looking forward to more xo

hooking up with randi @ i havetosay for showandtelltuesday    happy tuesday xo pam

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