Monday, January 21, 2013

blue stripey lone star spangled quilt...

specially requested by isaac and ani for a combined birthday gift xo

love working with blues xoxo

i am using this stripey lone star block tutorial from Liesl Made but instead of paper piecing i chose to do a muslin foundation [cuz i hate tearing out the paper after]

fabric LOVE

best morning ever...sewing and the inauguration xoxo
hail to the chief xoxox

i doubled the requirements...and i am using chunkier first star measures about 28" and i am so happy the  triangles cooperated with me xoxox

and what  a nice place to leave this...i want to make sure that they LOVE LOVE LOVE it ....if so i plan on making 16 blocks in total so the quilt should finish up around 108 x 108

  me and my honey stayed at the salish lodge last friday...compliments of our girls for our 27th xoxox
tomorrow we celebrate ~ my son isaac and his aunt julie  share a january 22nd birthday xoxo ...wednesday i leave with aunt julie for a sweet puerto vallarta visit with lily xoxoxo

happy monday ~ pam


  1. i want to smooch your lone star.

    that is all.

  2. You are very welcome...happy sewing


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