Sunday, January 6, 2013

stitching time ~ approximately one million hours xoxo

all done machine quilting xoxo

i love these labels from custom couture labels ...not a lot of quilts meet the requirement for this label...if you have a quilt that took FOREVER just let me know ....cuz i i have a roll of fifty and i am happy to share xoxox

label ready to go xo

binding ~ check

i am finishing this baby up after breakfast today...

 and lately  i have been inspired to do some stitching with a hoop...a quick trip to joann's with a few coupons xoxo

the requirements for this sweet cross stitch in the above issue....designed by emily peacock 38 x 58 cm. stitch time 300 HOURS!!! really??
and so just for fun... i have been playing around with stamping and cross stitch ~ stamp and stitch ??

inspired by brene xo 
and yeah !!!  MORE pantos ...i love the take 5 triangles and i could not resist the sewing one xoxo i do it for my customers xo [or that is my story anyway]
happy sunday ~ xo pam


  1. Tee Hee Hee - "This Took Forever" cracks me right up. I just sent a quilt as a christmas gift that could have used that tag.

  2. Love the tags!! Where do you order your pantos from?


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