Friday, January 4, 2013

special delivery from my sister and friday felicities and almost finished friday ...

special post xmas package from my sister...i LOVE this moda calendar !!

and this fabric cuz she knows xoxoxo
i <3 fabric="fabric" sister="sister" thank="thank" word="word" xoxo="xoxo" you="you">
[i like this broken tag just the way it is xoxo]

and here is my friday felicities  progress on le jardin...i still have a long ways to go ~ boo hoo

going to need one more day to finish this baby up xoxox
happy friday.... linking up again to  friday felicities cuz it makes me happy xoxox pam
and finish it friday w amandajean cuz almost finished counts right ? xoxo


  1. OOooooo la la, love your quilting!

  2. The quilting is gorgeous! Thanks for linking up!

  3.'s looking really good and I'm sure you are so ready to be done with that beauty!


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