Saturday, April 16, 2011

pretty in pink complete with simple instructions

I am making a graduation quilt for Savannah. She loves pink and I love to sew with pink!!
I decided on simple foundation string piecing and I am loving the results....

strips can be any width...1' -3"....they need to be cut straight

I made my foundation piece 15"....draw a pencil line on the diagonal

put your first 2 strips right sides together and line them up to the drawn pencil line

sew a quarter inch seam allowance

press open and continue to sew and flip and press strips

careful to extend your strips past the foundation piece

flip over and trim using the foundation piece as your trimming guide

the finished block is oh so pretty....

have fun playing around with block placement....

I love to use all sorts of fabric....I put a few solids in this one....I love the contrast it makes

did you notice that I got some of the sherbert pips???

pink is so nice to play with

do you love it??

I totally behaved myself with the sherbert pips....just got a few half yard cuts....

also found the pixies from alexander henry....doesn't she make you want to make a wish??

I wish for more time to sew the fun stuff and a lot more money for college and vacations and fabric!!!

I hope to finish this sweet quilt later this week...I will post a pic then....I am making 4 grad quilts for Lily and  3 good will be fun to post pics of the girls with their finished quilts...I got some sewing to do!!!!


  1. Oh...that is really pretty! One of my favorite foundation string piecing I've seen!! And your tutorial is really good! Hope to see you soon!

  2. Love the pink & the Sherbert Pips!

  3. Oh, my gosh! I've been throwing all my "strings" away! No I know what to do with them...your quilt is fabulous!

  4. Hi---beautiful, going to make one soon for a little girl..but can you tell me what the foundation is, paper or material? I am confused about this part of the quilt making...thanks! Judee

  5. I think this might be the perfect solution for all that red and white fabric I have that I didn't know what to do with!

  6. Great tutorial and what a wonderful graduation gift and it isn't something that takes time away from doing other quilting projects. I am an Art Quilter and use lots of thread and embellishments on my quilts and enter judged shows, but I love to make baby quilts for all my greats (I don't have kids of my own, but all my nieces and nephews and cousins children call me Auntie Jo). I used to make graduation present and wedding present quilts, but it took too much time away from what I love to do, so now we give them a generous amount of money. However, this is something that I could do in such a short amount of time that I might start making graduation presents again. I will always make quilts for my close relatives when they ask me to---and they are often traditional wall quilts. However, I don't make bed quilts anymore. I am 65 years old now (I can't believe I am eligible for Social Security) and my husband is retiring this year but I don't want to stop doing what I love. I quit teaching at quilt shops a few years ago when my husband pointed out that all I was doing was teaching and making samples, but I wasn't doing any of my own quilts. So now I teach one on one at my clients house and I get just enough business that way to satisfy my love of teaching. We bought a home is Mesa, AZ and will be going there for the winter (we live in MN) and I will be teaching quilting at the clubhouse in our mobile home park because no one has ever taught a quilting class. However, I only live one house away from the clubhouse, so I won't have to go very far. I am working on doing a blog, but have so many projects going and belong to so many quilting groups. including on-line ones that I am having a hard time doing it. When do you find the time to write your blog?


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