Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Memory Quilts

Pam B. and some friends made these memory quilts to honor a special friend who passed away recently...They were able to make 3 special quilts that will be given to his family.
It was so nice to have a small part in something so special...one of the many reasons I LOVE my job machine quilting for others so much!

finished up so soft....perfect cuddle quilts...

no shoes  no shirt  no problem

gotta love this one!

this is my favorite....he was a school teacher

machine quilted with puzzle meander by Jessica Schick...

I love how this simple pattern finished up....the ripple effect looks good

this is the first time using this panto and I  am very happy with it....you get the meander look with a consistent scale...

the simple construction of these quilts with the black backround looks so good....very nice job Pam B and friends....you did a very nice thing!
Happy Tuesday to all.....  xoxoxoPam

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