Friday, July 6, 2012

some weekly highlights

hooray ...our summer has arrived !! we have a 10 day awesome forecast ....

had a great canada day visit with michelle and becca

celebrated 4th of july with carrie and jim and this  "get out of jail free" is the only photo i took LOL

so enjoyed this day outside washing vehicles in the long lost  sunshine...

and it was followed by a wonderful happy hour with my bff monica

and for "fun" nick and i are finishing up our last but not least memory scrap book for lily...i started this tradition in 2003 when our first graduated....i had an inspirational dream way back then about adding her artwork to the scrapbook and it has become my favorite part of the whole thing and i am so happy that nick enjoys helping cuz i am not as fond of scrapbooking as i am of QUILTING xoxox

this wonderful poem is the first page in all four scrapbooks...the original was a sticker from ben i can't give credit  xoxo
this is such a wonderful way to use those mondo 8x10 school photos along with class pictures and  art/ school work from each grade .... soooooo hoping to have this wonderful book done mid august when she returns home for her mexico adventure xoxo

i made another bag...i was a bit disappointed at first because  quilting fabric didn't make as nice a bag as the first made with this heavier fabric but now that i have taken a step back i like it...funny how that goes...

happy happy friday to all....we have more home improvements planned for the weekend and they are not the fun deckstaining and painting the outside south wall that has not weathered well...but if we have a bit of energy left there will be a birthday party complete with some dancing on saturday night...fingers crossed xoxox pam

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  1. Looks like you've been having fun! Love the scrapbook!


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