Wednesday, July 18, 2012

i heart my equilateral 60 degree triangle quilt

i spent another WHOLE afternoon on my triangle quilt....and i am loving it...
oh so pretty...

i love how simple this quilt is...a perfect way to use these beautiful  art gallery prints [ mostly bohemian soul and bazaar]

this is the great darlene zimmerman equilateral 60 degree  ruler....i used the full ruler for the 6" finished triangle but 5,4,3,2 and 1" options are here too 

i cut my little heart out yesterday....i am making a queen for our travel trailer....i know it is awful pretty for camping but it is going to look so GOOD!!
i added a few solids to compliment the prints

the ruler comes w requirements for wallhanging and twin size....but for a queen i figured out each row across requires 14 prints and 15 backround [ i used kona bone] ....and i will need 17 sets for the length...finishing at 84 x 96

i pieced a few strips for variety and love the look
these triangles line up and sew together sooo easily...beautiful effortless squaring up required except on the end of each row...i think my sisters are going to want one too !!! xoxox

my sister gave me this wonderful word fabric by sweetwater....and it was the perfect addition to my other beautiful fabrics in this quilt...can hardly wait to finish this baby up...and the best part is that i have some sew time in the next week !!!
3 rows down....14 more to go.......hope you are happily sewing this week too !!!   xoxo  pam

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  1. What a pretty pretty trailer you're going to have. I love the Sweetwater word print. Do you know if it's available? I'm collecting word prints for a project and this one would be great.


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