Tuesday, July 17, 2012

so much to say...

i have been itching to use this beautiful fabric ever since buying it in february

love everything about these prints from artgalleryfabrics
inspired by the london road block in this sampler

i made a quick and easy sketch...
made a few quick and easy blocks

BUT no matter how i looked at it...it was a complete BOMB for me....sooooo disappointing....boo hoo
so yesterday i went back to it and decided to give this  equilateral triangle ruler a go

so much happier w this and excited again...i will use the arrows in the back or for something else...more to come on this real soon ...
and we found a used trailer...excellent price and so well cared for...we are going to be "happy campers"
this is sam w his new vintage  bike

and this is the seat that he sewed up all by himself [ proud mom moment] w dental floss [ his favorite method cuz it is so strong]

and there was a small garden birthday party on sunday xoxo

and john muir elementary continues to come down.....
happy tuesday xoxoxo  pam


  1. Lot's happening in your life!! I loved the blocks before and now!! We are so hard on ourselves...but I completely get you, I've done that so many times!! Congrats on the camper, that will be fun for you and Nick, although, it doesn't really go with the shiny black new truck. ;o)

  2. i kind of like the arrows, but can see why you are bugged by it.


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