Friday, July 8, 2011


We are home again .... we traveled to Pigeon Lake, Alberta, Canada for a family reunion...Ron and Joyce shared their lake home with us...Susan and Joyce shopped and planned for all the shared dinners....6 of 7 siblings were able to make it...we missed you Norrie!!

found this hanging in a tree at a rest stop near clearwater ,bc...sweet little knitted bluebird of happiness...

big horn jasper

aprons for all

five of seven sibs

alberta roses smell so good

there were lots of children

and a beautiful lake

hosts with the mosts

this is my favorite nephew in law DAVE

sister susan found stairs

we had smores

2 fifth wheels...1 motor home...1tent trailer plus the lake house x  30 people = 1 great reunion

tiger torch fire specialist  Ron made  an awesome fire every night...

this one is for you susan

this is caribou country

meeting our newest family baby ava ....priceless

le jardin applique on the road....finished block # 6
and now we are home again....back to reality...back to work....but it is friday and there might be some dancing tonight!!!! xoxoxo  pam


  1. Wow that went fast!! Welcome home! Great pictures, looks like you had a great time!

  2. Missed you! Can't wait to hear all your stories! xo

  3. looks like a wonderful time!


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