Friday, December 3, 2010

Teal Friday

my one and only teal tshirt
Check it out is colorful Friday once again...Welcome back Robyn! Teal is an interesting one, you think you don't have any but then you start noticing it here and there after all... won't you come and play with us!  

figgy pudding has teal

colored bottles from Gill

favorite mug

hard to find in the stash

almost finished anniversary quilt

hot off the press for Cecilia and there is lots of teal!

my almost finished Fig Tree Jelly Rose....48 applique leaves to go!!

love this magazine

a few want to do projects in this great book

definitely a teal bouquet of flowers....can hardly wait for January to use my new Lang Calendar with Karen H Good art and every month!!
Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!


  1. Good for you finding so much teal. Love all the different fabric patterns.

  2. Hi Pam.
    You have been very successful in finding teal. Great shirt! Gorgeous colour in the glass bottles. I really enjoyed looking at all your quilt photos. Love the beautiful bouquet at the end!!

  3. Hi Pam and thanks for your welcome back!!
    It's great to be back with you all this week.

    I love all of your pics... you found quite a lot of teal.
    I especially love how putting teal into a quilt makes it that little bit more special!!
    Happy Friday Pam xx

  4. Hello Pam,

    You found a lot of teal, love that owl,he is so cute. Have a wonderful day.
    Happy days.

  5. Love the one and only teal t shirt. I would have a hard time finding teal or saying I had it until Colorful Fri and then I see it all over in small things. I forgot about it but wanted to see everyones photos of teal. Love Lois

  6. You found many teals!! The owl is so cute!!


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