Saturday, December 25, 2010

OOps I'm at it again!!

I managed to find a bit of free time over the past few I started 'Happy Town". I got this idea a few weeks back while making these mugmats....          I am so happy to get it started while the ideas and favorite fabric choices are still longarm is free for another week too so I can take my time and really enjoy creating this quilt......

the start of "happy town"

so stinking fun

applique and quilt as  you go....easy peasy

it does make a mess so it is

so nice to have the time and room for this project!

"happy town" will be a Christmas wall hanging when it is complete....

made this tree out of ribbon

 I kept the quilting very simple...

see the Canadian flag???
  With my free time over the holidays  I know I will be in a happy place playing with "Happy Town".

  It is Christmas morning and I am the first one up...soon my big kids will arrive and Lily and Nick will be awake....there will be presents and Vancouver family arriving this afternoon and a wonderful turkey dinner...
Merry Christmas ...hope you have a wonderful day!!!


  1. I absolutely adore this! A few years ago I finally made Christmas runners that coordinated on all my tables, but at least one of them may get replaced by something like this next year. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Love your Happy Town! You should give a demo at the next LA get together!


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