Monday, March 14, 2011

weekend fun

this is the one that started it all....a birthday mug mat for a friend
then I started looking for other bits and pieces laying around...and I put these leftovers from my Lakehouse quilt together...
a birthday heart for a sweet lady that turns 90 soon....there will be a lot of hearts[hopefully 90] because she is so sweet....I am going to machine quilt this when it is all put together will be so fun to see all the hearts together and be a part of this very special quilt.
ok...this is my favorite...made from the MS zig zag would be fun to make a whole quilt this way....if I didn't have so many other projects ....I love that I have a little something to remember the MS quilt by now...
and this I started a while  back but decided on something now it will be a fun table runner....
And that is the fun time I had with bits and pieces this weekend....Happy Monday !


  1. Wow! What a productive weekend. I'm enjoying the company and family stuff, but missing my sewing machine!! Anxious to get back to my projects.


  3. Just LoVe your work! The birthday mug rug is just so cute! Well done all round!


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