Monday, March 7, 2011

Ticker Tape Look a Like

 Inspired by this quilt on Amanda Jean's blog......    It was such a fun,playtime project!!! Thank you for this great idea! This is such a fun way of using those itty bitty pieces that you just hate to throw away....
Happy Town was a similar project that was inspired by Jacquie  .....

I just LOVE all the great ideas that you can find in Blogland!!!

I did an all over panto called square dance by Anne Bright...then added all these fun scraps raw, fun,fun!!!

love the stripe binding
I got the 2 other baby quilts done as well...just have to finish up the bindings....Happy Monday to all.... Pam


  1. That is so cute! And the binding is perfect!

  2. what a happy quilt! i love your use of negative space in it. so so nice!

  3. I just love your use of negative space..... So inspired, want one just like this....


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