Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring cleaning

I am doing some reorganizing in my sewing room and it feels so good and so bad.... I am feeling good about tidying up but I am feeling a bit sick about my massive fabric stash ,  wondering how and when I lost control....knowing it took years  to get here...lots of wonderful creative fabric loving years!!!
I am seriously going to try to  finish more projects, start less projects, share my fabric, buy less fabric ,use the fabric I have and not feel I have to get more to replace 2011.

moved this cupboard from the guest room to my sewing room

reorganized my fabric and tidied up my sewing room a lot...feels so good...looks so pretty

Time to continue with this spring cleaning thing....getting ready for my sister's visit  on Wednesday....she is a quilter and we are going on the Tri -County Quilt Shop Tour.... I will be the one just looking at fabric!!!
Check it out...there are a lot of great shops north of here starting with Keepsake Cottage in Bothell.....


  1. I love that cabinet! It's perfect for you fabric! And remember that we are inspired by our fabric! It's what drives us to quilt and to love it! Don't feel bad... Jenny

  2. Pam, Embrace your lovely stash!! BTW, I LOVE the cabinet..the fabric looks right at home in it.


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