Wednesday, December 21, 2011

sounder's quilt check....twenty-one little xmas houses check and handmade with ryan gosling

hallelujah....i am minutes away from finishing up my awesome christmas sewing....

and if you love ryan gosling and you love to craft and you love funny be sure to check this tumblr link out  these girls are so very clever....  a few of my favorites are "hey girl it's killing me that you have to frog all those rows" and  "f*ck that bobbin"
and "i was thinking we could hang  some bunting up around the apartment "  sooooo fuunnnnny

the last 5 ready to be stitched up....i spread these little cuties all over town this year...more here
love this shot xoxoxo

sounders quilt....more info here

so simple...used packer wave by patty clayton from digi-tech designs

half green and half blue flannel back....soooo soft

just in time for gift giving tomorrow night.....have a bit of handsewing left

for my good friends
that are absolute sounder fans
 the countdown is on....hope everyone is all ready to enjoy this holiday ....xoxoxo ~ pam ~

1 comment:

  1. That quilt turned out great!! And your little street of houses is darling!


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