Monday, January 16, 2012

happy snowday with my reunion charm pack

it is a beautiful winter wonderland around here....and i always get a lot of sewing done when i am snowed in...i was inspired by this and my new moda reunion charmpack.....thanks andie !!

so pretty but so cold!!

i modified andies scrappy baby a bit cuz i so wanted to use all of my little charmpack

i made a plastic template to draw the sew line and cut the 5 1/2 " charm square on the diagonal... block is 8 1/2"
used up bits and pieces for the backround and i love the look... can u see the wonky star? also at this point the blocks were falling off my design wall so i moved to the floor  using eva's flannel back vinyl tablecloth trick...everything stays in place and it becomes very portable....
42 blocks many possibilities...can u see the bulls eye?  the heart?... the zigzag?
it will finish up at 48" x 56"....unless i decide to make it bigger....but then i will have to buy more fabric.... xoxo

happy monday xoxoxo pam


  1. Yea for snowdays - I don`t see them where I live but love the first image and your quilt will be lovely = great use of a charm pack!

  2. Your quilt looks wonderful. No harm in buying more fabric, that I can see.

  3. I like the star pattern in the 1st pic, but then I keep going back to the 2nd. It's different & I like that. :)

  4. A very productive sew day, Pam. What a fun pattern. Miss you..been too long without a sew day with you!


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