Monday, January 23, 2012


i started this most wonderful quilt way back in the spring of 2006....i finished piecing the top  last spring and the back in november and it looks like it will be finished very soon.....hip hip hooray !!!

i am going to finish this awesome quilt today !!!
every one of the FORTY NINE blocks are different and it took me fovever !!!


and after

isaac's 24th bd dinner at royal india

husband is back to work...daughter's are back to school....snow is almost gone...back on schedule...
all is good xoxoxo pam


  1. Wow Pam, I just love that quilt ! Such a good feeling to finish up a long-time project. It truly was worth the effort, tho!! Need a sew-day soon??
    Miss you xxoo

  2. That quilt is beautiful! I love the curved piecing mixed in with the straight lines...makes it really interesting!


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