Friday, September 27, 2013


finished lindy's quilt sparkler by patricia ritter on this sweet quilt

and i got my sisters beautiful giant quilt started...this is a kingsize quilt smart applique  pattern xo

so big and such a challenge for me...i have trouble with my channel lock and keeping my lines straight ...and  there were a few f#$@er puckers in the back that i had to pick mantra was "enjoy every stitch" inspired by my new quilting idol carolyn friedlander and her slow sewing studio...enjoy every stitch...her words really helped me today xo

and hooray...many hours later i have finished the first i need to unload it and reload it the other way for the vertical stitches....but that will be on tuesday... and i have to be ok with all my imperfections...and that stresses me out ~  this is the kind of quilting i only do for myself or the sisters...and  why i LOVE my pantos so much xoxo 
i shared some pictures on flickr today on selfish sewing week this idea so much cuz i love being selfish and sewing for ME  xo
tomorrow we are headed to salt spring island for a short getaway to see some good friends ~ happy friday xo pam

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