Saturday, September 14, 2013

BOOM ~ i won the bainbridge quilt festival raffle quilt !!

nick and i caught the ferry from downtown seattle to bainbridge island for their first annual outdoor quilt show today was the first time i talked  my husband into going to a quilt show...
quilts were  outside up and down the main street xo

and i loved their raffle quilt so much i bought $10 worth..and BOOM i received a phone message on the ferry back home that i WON it ! more info about it here 
and here is a post from carolyn friedlander ~ designer of pattern and fabric xo  thanks sharpie xo

having  the  quilt show outdoors was awesome ...lots of great inspiration xo
lunch at cafe nola is definitely recommended
 this t- towel ~ found it bought it at furnish bainbridge...spotted it a mile away in their window xo
 and our  picture perfect ferry ride back home was beautiful
and can u believe it we even saw MATER from cars on the freeway ride home...
                              i am pretty excited about winning this beauty ~ can't wait to get my lucky  hands on it ... i have made a few  raffle quilts  and i have always supported quilt raffles but this is my first time winning a quilt !! still can't believe it...nick went to a quilt show with me and i WON the beautiful quilt ! woooooo hoooo xo pam


  1. Shut the front door... I've had my eye on that design ever since seeing Carolyn's version pop up at (virtual) quilt con (!) Lucky lucky!

  2. Win, win! Way to go! Can't wait to see it in person.

  3. Congratulations on the win. The quilt is beautiful.


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