Sunday, September 22, 2013

i believe in the color wheel xo

best sewing day ever...i blew off chores and the rest of life and stitched happily away all day...
long ago i was inspired by leanne and her rainbow quilt and then recently i made a few color slabs for calgary alberta flood efforts over 1350 quilts have been donated ~ xo
that said ~  i am feeling a bit selfish but happy that  my scraps and these inspirations came together [ it all began here ] and i finished up this HAPPY QUILT for me today.

love love love this happy mess

in total i made 20 15 1/2 " blocks and set them 4 blocks wide by 5 blocks long finished 60 x 75

so good to have a FINISH ~ i needed this xo

so happy with a few scraps and a little bit of improv  ...

and i used these handy dandy abc pins for organizing my blocks...thanks kay xo
i pieced some letters for the back
i am recycling this ikea duvet for the back with these words xo

inspired by this greeting card by graphique ~ koko new york...i have loved this card for a very long time....the teeny tiny words are so fun ~silly questions for the color wheel such as ~ would you say you are emotional, do you easily absorb the feelings of others? and are your values more important than your hues? so cute...i am happy to incorporate them into this special quilt xo....
     happy sunday ! xoxo pam


  1. I really like all the lights together. Great way to spend your Sunday!

  2. I just love scrappy quilts! Yours is happy indeed

  3. I am always glad to be inspiring, and I can't wait to see that quilt all spread out. It is looking wonderful.

  4. This came out so cute! I love the scrappy look.


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