Sunday, September 22, 2013

infinity and beyond xo

inspired by the fall to make an infinity scarf...w mostly black and white with a little splash orange

i love my stash of black and white and it was great to cut into it xo

i just sewed 16 " random strips together 72" long...folded  in half wrong sides together length wise...stitched  into a tube...turned  right side out , pressed  and finished  with a french seam...finished up   8" x 72" circle xo
long enough to wrap around my neck 3 times snug or 2 times loose...but the question is ~ will i wear it?

 often i don't wear my lovely handmades....but i do know that i love these fabrics together so if i don't wear it ,  it can always become a quilt that i will LOVE xo
and i  have the strongest urge to finish something i am spending some happy time downstairs today working on my rainbow slabs xo....fingers crossed to get it done ...i need a FINISH .

ps....i related so well to a recent post  alisa burke's story on kelly rae's blog on how she finds time for family and her work as an artist...i especially love her "CREATIVE ADD" [she needs to jump from project to project to stay inspired] ~ i definitely do that too~  xo
                                             happy sunday  xo pam

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