Saturday, September 22, 2012

a visit to dottieangel's vintage pop up store and my first mariner's game

 kay and i had our first visit to dottieangel's vintage pop up store

so lucky for us it is 20 minutes away.....  loved her handstitched heart with a little snippet of lace and "please hold onto my heart" 
and this sweet little jug complete with the little crochet handle xoxox

they joined  this wonderful heavy glass jar with a  bit of purple vintage barkcloth and came home with difficult to choose from all the  beautifully displayed vintage goodies ....i wanted a lot but settled for a bit knowing i will be back.... decided i am going to  have a small budget each month for dottieangel treasures xoxoxo

and then there was my very first mariner's game...they played texas and won 6 to 3

carrie and jim invited nick and i ....and omg we had vip diamond club passes...with the best food/ drink and seats xoxox
happy saturday xoxox pam

1 comment:

  1. Very cute treasures and looks like a fun time at the ball game!


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