Friday, September 14, 2012

friday love

love this scrappy vintage  octagon / spider web quilt xoxoxo

my newest ebay treasure was originally found at an old texas ranch estate sale....estimated to be over 85 years old xoxoxo

so well is in need of some love and tender care

and i may replace the binding xoxo

also found these stinkin cute t- towels...

chick and chuck


fall in love xoxo

get married

lay some eggs xoxox

and have some babies xoxox i intend to use these one day but they are so beautifully embroidered i will have to just save them for a bit....
happy friday ....we r off to the ocean with our camping trailer today for a lovely weekend get away xoxoxo  ~ pam


  1. Oh dear, maybe it's because I came over from Chawne's post about her f*ck blanket but I was totally expecting that word snuck into the embroidery somewhere!

    1. That could be the 6th t-towel xo


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