Monday, September 10, 2012

gone crazy for vintage

found my very first "rescue quilt" on ebay for $45 "buy it now"

all wrinkled w a few blood stains and  unfinished edges but so very amazing xoxo

completely hand sewn by an 89 year old sparta il. lady who recently went into a nursing home....not much to know but i am happy to have this much... xoxox

i used mary ellen's wonder spray and pressed all the raw edges 1/4 " problem at all since it was so beautifully pieced xoxooxox
and i have started appliquing a small border with an almost perfect match of blue/grey solid by freespirit....found it at my favorite keepsake cottage shop

i have so many favorites in this wonderful quilt....

please don't be jealous ....there are many more quilt tops out there just waiting to be rescued xoxoxo
sooo ... do i have time for this new found vintage obsession??? no , i dooo not but it seems to have taken on a wonderful , unstoppable life of it's own....i have another wonderful find coming in the mail soon....and i will just have to stay off ebay for awhile cuz it is very , very dangerous and it is making nick a bit nervous....xoxox pam


  1. Nice find Pam. Remind Nick you are making someone's Grandma in heaven happy by giving life to her quilt!

  2. oh, i covet your top! and, goodness, there are far worse obsessions out there. good luck!

  3. beautiful...wouldn't the maker be so happy to know all that you're doing to rescue her quilt?!


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