Thursday, July 8, 2010

My very first blog post ever

On a recent trip to visit my sisters in Alberta....sister Susan found this post ...we fell in love and before we knew it we were shopping rural Alberta for blues and greens ... many miles and seven quiltshops later.....the quilt quickly turned into queensize for Joyce and I....Susan deciding on 2 lapsize instead.....I named mine Irma Blue after our first fabric stop,Creative Klutter in Irma . Irma is complete and she had a couple of babies too ......made from her leftovers ..... this sweet little quilt on the left inspired by Red Pepper Quilts is for the sweet little boy next door who is expected very soon...along with a little doll quilt for his big sister and a little something extra on the right just for me....

I found this perfect green/blue stripe sheer for my bedroom window....and made these pillow shams to match...... the quilt was machine quilted on my long arm freemotion and the pillow shams were done with Dancing Daisy panto by Timeless Quilting Designs....I am having a love affair with this color combo....

And coming soon..... a sweet little baby girl quilt featuring this FreeSpirit Westminster Lovebirds fabric that I picked up yesterday from my favorite little quilt shop Keepsake Cottage in Country Village. Check out shop owner Julie Stewart's blog @ Quilts4Julie. The quilt will be for my niece Michelle who is expecting a baby girl in September.....


  1. Where are you going Pam? Love the blog. Love the quilts. Love the colors. Congrats on your first blog of many my lovely friend!

  2. Aunty Pam... what a wonderful blog! I absolutely adore the lovebirds fabric (you did not have to make us a quilt but I'm so excited) and the green and blue queen size with the new pillow shams looks so clean and fresh. What a nice change for spring and summer!! I'll be sure to bookmark this page and check back periodically to see what other quilting adventures you have up your sleeve!

  3. What a gorgeous choice of colors! I love the green and blue combination :o). Excited to see more ...

  4. The quilt looks great & what a nice story! I look forward to many more posts from you. Welcome to "blog land"!

  5. Your quilt is Beautiful! And so is your blog! A great big congratulations to you!

  6. Wow look at you blogging! I love the quilts, I have always loved those colours together.I will check in often.
    Michelle Croft

  7. Way to go Pamalamadingdong! You did it and it looks amazing. You are a woman of many talents! I love the new bedroom quilt...those are my favorite colors. I am seriously thinking of having you make one for our bed.
    Keep up the good work!

  8. Love your version! Really it's those calm colors that get me every time. Thanks for the link and stopping by our blog. And I can't believe it is a queen!

  9. Did you see the comment from The Good Report?



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