Sunday, June 26, 2011

sunday's quilt

Just finished this quilt up for my friend is a wedding quilt for her these this pattern and I love how this panto geometric path by Kristin Hoftyzer from finishes it up!

love love love

sugar pop fabric by moda

machine quilted w geometric path by kristin hoftyzer

love this fabric

pattern is urban cabins by atkinson designs

looks so good

patty ..... it looks so pretty!!

The sun is shining today....I am going to celebrate Livi's graduation today...yesterday we celebrated Savannah's....Happy Sunday to all...xoxoxoxo Pam


  1. Great quilt....beautiful quilting.

  2. Pretty quilt! I came across a photo of yours on flickr and recognized the machine quilting pattern that I had just used on a quilt I made. I didn't know the name of the pattern. I just chose it immediately when the longarm quilter showed it to me because it is fabulous!

    Your fabrics are lovely, too.

    Here is the url:


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