Tuesday, June 7, 2011

catching up....

I have really been working it !! I am sort of caught up with the customer quilts that had a time lines...now it is time to finish up some very special graduation quilts !

marsha made this sweet little baby quilt for a friend....love how good it looks with my color wheel

such a pretty quilt...i used dizzy by jodi beamish

less is more

love the andover snorkel cosmo cricket backing which i also used on the binding....pretty much a perfect finish....

just one more photo cuz it looks so good!!

and i got Lily's grad quilt loaded

i finished this quilt top a long time ago.....feels good to get it started

i am doing irregular straight line quilting with a little bit of swirl.....

i used innocent crush with solids ....i will post a finished picture tomorrow...... ~pam ~


  1. Oh I'm so excited your doing this up!!!!! It looks really good so far!

  2. these are such pretty quilts! i am LOVE those swirls!

  3. great combination of straight and curves and I love the ticker tape!


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