Monday, June 13, 2011

three down one more to go....

elizabeth's quilt is this is my favorite !!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE this simple and in my current favorite colors !!! I was inspired by this  cherryhouse post . I made my strips 4 1/2 "...did a lot of strip sewing...finished this quilt top in an afternoon....

machine quilted w jacob's ladder by dave hudson from digitech designs

love the color combo and the finished look of this panto

looks right at home on my will be sad to say goodbye and now I want to make another.....

loving  my ticker tape labels from Etsy Inked...still not sure how well they will hold up in the wash???

sooooo pretty right?????
 Ok that was #3 grad quilt...still have one more to quilt and then I hope to have photos of the girls w their quilts and could i actually be so organized as to do a post about all 4?....sounds too crazy but I am going to try....

last but not least....livi's zigzag is next....well ....after I get some customer stuff done that is.....her party is on the 26th so I still have time

3 more to go...I am actually going to be able to finish all the quilts....i love how each quilt suits the girls personalities.....Lily ,Livi, Savannah and Elizabeth have gone to school together since  kindergarten... their grad ceremony is tomorrow....there will be tears and then let the grad parties begin!!!!!

I am off for my morning walk...happy Monday to all.... ~ pam ~


  1. I really like that quilting pattern! Turns out super cool!

  2. They're all looking wonderful!! I love the quilting pattern too, and the quilt looks so soft and puffy!

  3. Ya...I'm gonna have to get that pattern. It really quilts up nice! Have fun with all the grad stuff this week!

  4. Oh Pam that is a beautiful quilt. I'm really loving the quilting patter as well. Congrats to all the grads.

  5. what a beautiful quilt! i love the soft and pretty colors!


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